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The 7 Best Beginning Tropical Fish Species For Starting A New Aquarium

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Stop Importing Tropical Fish Captured With Cyanide

Up to 90 percent of tropical fish imported to the U.S. are captured using cyanide. Sign this petition to stop the import of fish caught with this cruel method.

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We are after all tropical fish aquarists – there is no reason to shorten the life of the fish we keep by capturing them with cyanide – it is dangerous and destroys the ecological area where the fish we love to keep are native – Be sure any fish you keep is either domestically bred and raised or captrured ethically before it comes into your possession.  The figure that 90% of all marine fish captured in the wild are caught using cyanide is very disturbing to anyone determined to keep their fish in the best possible conditons in your personal aquariums.

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Wall Aquarium 48″x18″ Stainless Steel, Fish Tank , Color Changing Lights , Remote Ctrl – Aquarium Bliss

When […]

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When I saw the capacity for this tank, i thought there was a typo, but they did it again.  What a waste of fish tank for only 8 gallons.  Definitely niot aquarists, furniture makers…

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Molten Salt Is A Fish Tank’s Worst Enemy

Video: Molten salt is, as its name suggests, salt in liquid form. It doesn’t get there until between 260 and 600C, making it one of the worst th…

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I do use salt in my aquarium occasionally, but never anything like this – molten salt makes no sense to be added to a living system – only aquarium salt – salt with no iodine and in a pure form.  Always be aware of putting in strange things to an aquarium, you never know what the resuts might be.!

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