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The 7 Best Beginning Tropical Fish Species For Starting A New Aquarium

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What impresses you about an aquarium, size, decorations, the actual fish, possibly even the way the aquarium is planted.

Community Aquariums:

I like to look at a well maintained tropical fish aquarium that is active and has a nice mix of fish in it.  A properly decorated and established Mbuna tank is a true favorite of mine. The bright colours that flash in a tropical fish tank made up of African Rift lake Cichlids is mesmerizing. I particularly like to see a long established African tank where the various pairs have bred and produced multiple generations of fish all living together, from freshly released fry to the their parents and grandparents, all able to live together in a well furnished habitat

When most people consider what they see as an amazing aquarium, they often will remember a particularly stunning reef aquarium, and they do have a claim to the title.  The nature and variety of the species that are removed from the natural reefs can be incredible, no doubt, but the devastation to the habitat can exact a terrible price.

I have always preferred the durability adaptability of freshwater species and find them as rewarding and much more tolerant of a captive environment.  For this reason, I also enjoy watching the movement and interaction of a smaller, desktop style aquarium where the community is both smaller and much more peaceful.  These systems add a soothing quality to many areas of the home: bedroom, living room and especially a home office environment.  You don’t have to be rich to own an aquarium, and many of the tanks I see on my travels could be included in the gallery of amazing aquariums.

Contribute pictures or videos of your Aquariums to the Gallery

I’d love to post pictures of people’s aquariums.  They are all living pictures and deserve to hang in a gallery of fish tanks. I have created a page for community aquariums and pledge to post those that are sent to me for publication.

Custom Made Aquariums:

Some of the most amazing tanks are the ones that are custom built for celebrities and for special locations where a standard aquarium is not possible.  Some of the tanks are made specifically for the type of fish that will be kept in them, such as racing circuits for sharks that are designed and constructed as an oval so the shark can keep swimming without the discomfort and annoyance of having to turn when it reaches an end wall.

It seems many sports stars and musicians have understood the benefits of having a tropical fish aquarium in their home (and some even in their vehicle).  But unlike the standard community aquarium, these custom designed tanks can often be truly amazing structural creations that are integrated into a particular space.  There are fish tanks of every size and description, but some of the celebrity aquariums can truly be called Amazing Aquariums.  Don’t expect to be able to go out and get a copy of these, they are unique masterpeices.