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Amazing Desktop Tropical FIsh Tanks come in all shapes

There are lots of aquarium designs available for the modern aquarist.  Some of them are actual pieces of furniture that are made to accent and highlight a special space in the home.  Many people are using them for creating a special area in the home that is both an escape and a place to recreate themselves with the soothing view of an underwater habitat.

Fluval Edge
Fluval Edge – courtesy of

But there are also many new shapes and designs that are amazing desktop tropical fish tanks. these are much smaller and often do not require as much space and care to maintain.  Here at Tropical Fish Aquarist we will make it part of our agenda to bring you latest and the greatest of these aquariums, no matter what size.

Many aquariums that fit in this list are not always that practical, or built simply for design and aesthetic purposes.  In most of these cases their ability to hold a large biomass is limited, at best.  When considering any aquarium, always think abut the fish you plan to keep in it, and especially their needs and requirements.

In the case of goldfish, although they may have been classically seen to be kept in bowls, they really require a much larger tank to swim and grow into.  The standard goldfish bowl should always be rapidly replaced with a proper fish tank if you plant to keep them alive and thriving for any period of time.

Amazing Desktop Tropical Fish Tanks come in all shapes and sizes

I’m always looking for the exotic and different in this fascinating hobby. There is a lot of art required in keeping tropical fish happy in their fish tank, and there is no end to the creativity that is expressed in the containers that house them.  There is an interesting website that has quite a :

Collection of creative aquariums and modern fish tanks designs from all over the world.

From and article at crookedbrains

The article displays quite a number of these special tropical and coolwater aquariums, all the way to a small coffee table design with a clear cover to view them from the top.  This is the way Koi and goldfish are shown off to their most colourful advantage.

However, this site has quite a few designs that would seem to be too small for anything more than a Betta, but the designs of many of these amazing desktop aquariums are quite original.

Personally I prefer something that is much closer to the classic rectangular designs, where efficiency meets contemporary design like the Fluval Edge aquarium shown above.  It also allows the fish to be viewed from thew top as well as the sides.


All Fluval Edge models and colours employ a more standard rectangle shape and are constructed from sealed glass plates..  It has excellent filtration and the ability to provide heat to allow keeping small, peaceful tropical fish.  Lighting on the newest models incorporates two powerful LED bulbs for intense illumnation for both fish and live aquarium plants. (Fluval Edge Review site)

I would be the last one to argue against the addition of some artistic license in the shape of the aquarium that houses the fish – as long as – the fish are given all the things they need as well – light, pure water and room to swim.

When dealing with small desktop aquariums, I also must add that the fish should have enough room to be comfortable and swim.  They must feel protected by their artificial environment.  Some of these fancy new tanks seem more inclined to sacrifice the well being of the fish for aesthetic reasons.

Those tanks should be carefully avoided.

Steve Pond


Steve Pond, of Tropical Fish Aquarist, has kept fish both personally and professionally for over 50 years.  He writes regularly on the wide range of current topics that are important to people who keep tropical fish tanks as a passion and a hobby.

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Steve Pond, of Tropical Fish Aquarist, has kept fish both personally and professionally for over 50 years.  He writes regularly on the wide range of current topics that are important to people who keep tropical fish tanks as a passion and a hobby.

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  1. ElmapauloOctober 7, 2012 at 7:13 amReply

    heard of those, but I do have plants fr nitetars and the biomedia for the ammonia and nitrite.And judging by my water tests this morning, the media I had is still living. Ammonia is 0 in both tanks, nitrite is 0 in both tanks and nitrate is high in both tanks, but I will be doing a water change later today to fix that. The nitetars are 40-80ppm, so its higher than I normally let it get, but not what I would think is deadly. Thanks for the comments everyone

    • ShilvaMarch 5, 2015 at 10:42 pmReply

      I had these Magic Rocks as a kid. I had fun all over again growing these rocks with my 8 & 9 year old kids. There are some itpnrmaot details in the directions that if you don’t follow them exactly, you will end up with gooey sludge (i.e. grow the rocks in two batches the first batch is the bedrock for the second batch ,and poor out the growing solution after 6 hours with the second batch of rocks). If you follow the directions, these rocks are like magic!

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