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The 7 Best Beginning Tropical Fish Species For Starting A New Aquarium

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For many new aquarists, the original set-up is the most important factor that determines success or failure.  In this area we will be providing tips and tricks and resources  on proper set-up of an aquarium.  The strongest emphasis will be on the particular requirements for smaller desktop aquariums.

The 10 gallon aquarium has accounted for the majority of home aquariums for a very long time. It is a suitable size to house a small peaceful community while not overpowering a room.  One of the main drawbacks of the tried and true 10 gallon tank is that it is just heavy enough that it requires a properly manufactured aquarium stand to ensure the tank will remain unbroken for extended periods of time.

Without a proper stand, an aquarium can have uneven stresses placed on the glass panes and the glass will break unexpectedly.

The modern day desktop aquarium is rarely a full ten gallons, but in the smaller sizes, it must be designed to accept any variations of the desktop support it may be placed on.  The Fluval Edge, one of the most successful desktop aquariums sidesteps the problem by integrating a support for the tank bottom into the design.  This support is the base of the system, and is strong enough to provide proper and even support for the tank at all times.