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Decorative Home Aquaponics System

Here is another decorative home aquaponics system designed to add beauty to the home. This one was been designed by N.I. Teijin Shoji to be an added piece for the home, somewhat utilitarian, but definitely a beautiful addition to almost any decor.  Aquaponics seems the logical outgrowth of the combination of two different perspectives. The combination of an aquarium to house either commercial or tropical fish and soil-less vegetable growing that requires a liquid nutrient bath for proper fertilization.

This small aquaponics system, designed as a therapeutic indoor display has been developed by N.I. Teijin Shoji, grows fresh lettuce and fish. The aquaponics system consists of a fish tank and a vegetable planter, which are connected by pipes. As in other aquaponics systems, the plants are fertilized by the fish effluent in a symbiotic, closed-loop system.

Click to see full article on this home aquaponics system with photographs

I think that you will probably be seeing many more combinations of the two technologies combined to make a wide variety of home systems in the very near future. This is the second concept this blog has reported on, the first was the floating garden tropical fish tank.  It was not designed as an integrated home aquaponics system.  That was a prototype that fit on an established aquarium.  This is the first that seems to be ready for sale. It is quite expensive though, so there will be limited demand for this luxury model.

Home Aquaponics Systems – the Next Aquarium Trend?

The more information I see about the art and science of Aquaponics, the more I feel this is a coming trend in aquariums.  For years the North American fish tank has been overcrowded with fish, needs heavy filtration and often lots of plastic plants.  The European preference has always been planted gardens of aquatic plants with less filtration and minimal amounts of fish.

People have become much more conscious of the food they eat and the snowballing trend toward certified organic foods and green products.  Many people are becoming engaged in creating organic gardens in their backyard and are experimenting with hydroponics in their home as well.  For those not lucky enough to be able to grow vegetables in their garden all year round, many are looking for sustainable ways to grow indoors without using harmful chemicals in limited space.

I have seen the benefits of using fish wastes for fertilizer for years.  Their wastes have been bottled as fish mulm and sold to discerning gardeners for decades. These concentrated products encourage greater growth.  In addition, in my book Freshwater Tropical Fish Tanks as well as on our information website we recommend recycling water from an aquarium onto both houseplants and the garden.

Photo by farmer on Flickr, used under the Creative Commons license

Home Aquaponics System could provide organic food roght from livingroom to table

Aquaponics will change the foundation for many people as it focuses on sustainability.  The fish will remove the need to pay for added chemical fertilizers of vegetables and other plants. Properly designed a system like this could easily be made to attract both aquarists and gardener alike. A properly designed and efficient decorative home aquaponics system could become both a beautiful addition to the home AND a purely organic source of food for the table.




Steve Pond, of Tropical Fish Aquarist, has kept fish both personally and professionally for over 50 years.  He writes regularly on the wide range of current topics that are important to people who keep tropical fish tanks as a passion and a hobby.

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Steve Pond, of Tropical Fish Aquarist, has kept fish both personally and professionally for over 50 years.  He writes regularly on the wide range of current topics that are important to people who keep tropical fish tanks as a passion and a hobby.

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