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The 7 Best Beginning Tropical Fish Species For Starting A New Aquarium

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Potted Dwarf Baby Tears Aquarium Live Plant – Aquarium Bliss

Nicew small plant for forgrounds and for helping egg scater[…]

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Nice small foreground live plant for poriving groundcover and places for egg scatterers to let eggs get hidden form predators during spawning.  One to consider for a peaceful aquarium biotope

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Almost an Asian Biotope Aquarium

The Tank is Almost an Asian Biotope Aquarium now that the baby Bettas have taken over and I have moved most of the Dwarf Ram cichlids out. Music – Dutty by V…

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Nice planted tank with a good mix of Asian fish in it.  Like the Clown Loaches and Red Tail Black shark particularly.

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Aquarium Network

This is a custom made Aquarium Bed, which will replicate the feeling of sleeping underwater enjoying your home aquarium. | See more about Aquarium, Fish Tank Bed and Home Aquarium.

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Wow, wish I could sleep with the gentle sounds of the tank and the living picture it offers when you wake up or just getting ready to go to bed.

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