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The 7 Best Beginning Tropical Fish Species For Starting A New Aquarium

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There are some creepy little animals that live in aquariums

Just set up a jararium and spotted all these little critters swimming around. Only thing I’ve added is old aquarium gravel and old filter media from my tank….

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Interesting video of the kinds of minute animals that are found naturally in the water of an aquarium.  Not a surprise to most intermediate aquarists, water supports an enormous variety of life, but this shows it off pretty clearly.  In a functioning aquarium, many of these would be invisible food for the fish.  It is normally only when there are no higher life forms available that such a show could be mounted.  

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How to Treat Tropical Fish With White Spot Disease (ich)

How to Treat Tropical Fish With White Spot Disease (ich). White spot disease, also known as Ich, is a parasite that most tropical fish enthusiasts will, at one time or another, have to deal with. White spot disease is responsible for more…

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This is a very complete look at a disease (actually a parasite) that will normally afflict aquarium fish sometime in your fishkeeping days.  It can be treated and controlled, but there is often a lot of confusion as to how to treat it properly.  I have always believed if you know enough about the problem, you can pick the right solution.

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Hilarious Crayfish and Fish Perform to Mozart: Act 1

I happened to be relaxing to some Wolfgang Amadeus when I noticed some hilarious performance arts hijinx occurring in my fish tank.

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Fish and Music – both have their own way of relieving stress, don’t you think the power of the two combined will be more than the sum of their parts?  I like it, do you?  This is more of an active video, but the possibilities are endless.

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