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The TropicalFishAquarist.com website has existed in one form or another since 1994 where the original site was created to follow the philosophy of the original Internet builders; where it was created as an information resource to help other tropical fish keepers with problems and information on the newest trends in the hobby. 

It was also created to help solve the problems new aquarists often encounter when they are just starting out keeping their tropical fish in a brand new aquarium. During that time the site has been dedicated to solving the problems many young fish keepers must confront as they begin to understand the complexity and beauty of the underwater scene they have created in their own home.

The author and owner of this site has had over 55 years personally keeping tropical fish.  He has kept the entire range of fish, spanning the goldfish all the way to some of the more difficult salt water specimens.  In addition he has run pet stores and worked for over 30 years in the largest family owned pet manufacturers in both the sales and marketing departments.  He has been instrumental in the introduction of many of the most popular aquarium product lines that have become the standard for a much more mature hobby than the wild wild west he encountered in the 1970’s.

Unlike the original years where selling products directly was frowned upon, this site does recommend products for purchase, but does so using a direct link to the item to Amazon.  We do not show any pricing structure since Amazon’s pricing is not static.  We have found that sales through Amazon are much more reliable.  Click through the link if you like, any purchases you make will be supporting this website through Amazon’s small commissions.  If affiliate marketing I not to your taste, go find the products directly on Amazon.  If there are problems, you have a direct access to the seller of the item as well as the well known protocols for getting satisfaction from your purchase.

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The author of the tropicalfishaquarist has personally kept fish, in their myriad of types for over 55 years. His experience is not just from keeping fish as part of a hobby. His entire working career was devoted to keeping tropical fish alive, From running a fish oriented pet store to working as a major part of the marketing department of the largest family owned pet manufacturing corporation, he has done it all.


Devotion to the care and upkeep of tropical fish in all their assorted varieties.  You can’t really troubleshoot a problem if you have never been exposed to it, and the tropicalfishaquarist has seen pretty much everything.  We are dedicated to helping the novice aquarist become a seasoned expert in the aquarium he owns and maintains.  Besides offering personally authored books on the site, the website offers a gallery of pictures and (coming soon) a FAQ on some of the most common problems found when starting and maintaining a fish tank over the course of years.


One of the tropifishaquarist’s main focuses over his entire career keeping fish alive has been the search for a self cleaning aquarium that provides low maintenance and great water conditions over an extended length of time. While the concept of a totally hands-off aquarium system is probably a pipe dream, the integration of aquaponics into the aquarium hobby has some pretty amazing possibilities.  Since this is an area we have been researching for quite a number years, Aquaponic principles and methods are given a much greater focus than most other fish keeping sites.  As recorded in a couple of my books, Aquaponics has a huge potential for providing organic plants as well as much healthier fish that do not require the water changes other filtration systems demand.


In the near future there will be links provided to my course designed to cover the requirements for setting up a new aquarium the right way.  Check back to see when that video course is brought to the public.  It is one of the more complete courses available.


Aquarium tips, the site is still firmly devoted to becoming your go to site for any problems you may have with your tank.  Since we do not sell any products directly, we are free to recommend the very best product for the particular circumstance.  As mentioned, there are no prices listed on the site for the products we link to, instead we use the product pages to offer what we feel to be the best items on the Amazon site as a solution for your problems.  Presently under construction is a series of fish tips for aquarists of all levels to help understand, solve or prevent issues that may arise from your aquarium and its inhabitants

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While we do not promise to be able to solve each and evey problem you may have while keeping tropical fish in your home, we do attempt to be the very best resource for keeping them healthy and happy in their environment. We will answer each e-mail we get at support@tropicalFishAquarist.com as quickly as possible.