ABC’s Aquarium Activity Book Volume I

ABC’s Aquarium Activity Book Volume I:

Puzzle, coloring and Activity Book for kids 2 -6

Pet Store Pets Activity Books

ABC's Aquarium Activity Book - Volume I

offers a unique view into the many types of community fish that can live together in a home aquarium.

Underwater Friends are especially fascinating for children who want to know more about the world around them. The ABC's Aquarium Activity Book introduces young children to fish that they might see in a visit to an aquarium or pet store. Each of the 26 species has two coloring pages, a maze, a printing exercise and even some basic number exercises. Added information on each species is included to know the needs of the species a little better and a word search and crossword are included for the advanced.

A fantastic way to let your child practice their motor skills with coloring, cognitive skills with the alphabet and numbers exercises while learning about the fish they might see in their own home aquarium.


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