Aquaponics for the Stoned Tropical Fish Keeper – Printed Version

Aquaponics for Stoned Tropical Fish Keepers: Aquaponics strategies for growing organic marijuana with your tropical fish aquarium – Printed Version

Aquaponics is both the art and science of creating a living symbiotic system satisfying the nutritional requirements of plants while eliminating harmful wastes produced by the inhabitants of a tropical fish habitat.

With recent legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana in many countries around the world, demand for safe, organically produced herb has multiplied exponentially. Aquaponics for Stoned Tropical Fish Keepers provides a powerful aquaponic system for home aquarists who want to grow their own organic marijuana for personal use.

This blueprint develops a do it yourself "aquaponic filter". It effectively removes aquarium nitrate using very basic filtration, which keeps fish safe from their own nitrate production and thriving. The installation of an aquaponic filter is the closest realization of a self cleaning aquarium as possible.

The book provides both the background and a step by step method to cultivate organic, toxin free marijuana using basic aquarium equipment and easily sourced hardware. The author provides a clear blueprint to turn a home tropical fish aquarium into a robust organic garden producing enough marijauna for personal requirements.


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