Keeping Tropical Fish

Keeping Tropical Fish

-Start out right as a tropical fish hobbyist-

Know the correct answers even before the questions arise.

  • How to evaluate fish tanks and aquarium kits
  • Traps and pitfalls to avoid during the initial aquarium set up
  • The all important conditions of aquarium water
  • How to set up the aquarium
  • Filtration types
  • The nitrogen cycle, what it is, what it does, and how it affects your fish
  • Aquarium Decoration Tips


A quick introductory guide to the fascinating hobby of keeping tropical fish in your home. This book goes through the equipment required to be successful. It guides the beginner on where and how to set up the fish tank and accessories to prevent problems later.

Wondering what you need to be successful in keeping fish alive and happy? Here is the beginning guide to get you started out the right way.


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